Red-Centre Astro!

Join Humayan Qureshi for a 3 night Astro-Photography workshop while on our awesome Red Centre Tour this June

We at Digital Dreamtime are thrilled to be able to announce that award-winning astrophotographer Humayun Qureshi will be joining us in the Red-Centre in June. Humayun will lead a night-sky workshop in some of the least-light-polluted parts of our country. Tour guests will be able to attend a dedicated astrophotography presentation session followed by practical image-making in the amazing Macdonnell Ranges. All under the personal guidance of one of Australia’s best astrophotographers.

Humayun is truly a Seeker of the night and a lover of the stars. Through his images, he will make you appreciate the Universe in which we happen to find ourselves.

About Humayun

As a cancer survivor, Humayun’s eyes were opened to the world after overcoming this insidious disease in 2006. He stopped taking the world around him for granted and started appreciating the littlest of things in daily life. Pondering his place in the Universe. This newfound awareness opened new doors to landscape photography and Humayun truly fell in love with light for the first time. After purchasing a telescope and all the associated bits and pieces Humayun started taking photographs of the heavens. Capturing the light from distant stars and celestial objects; light that has taken millions of years to reach us, is a very deep and profound experience. The realisation of the grand insignificance of our existence in the vastness of space seems at odds with the miracle of life here on Earth. It also makes extremely pretty pictures.

Humayun has been involved in photography in one form or another for over 20 years. Starting with his father’s Pentax SLR shooting black and white film in high school. Humayun has worked with a range of professional camera systems to produce both landscape and portraiture work. He still shoots film using a Mamiya medium format system. Initially relying on Canon systems for astrophotography, including a modified Canon EOS 40D, Humayun has now moved on to using a dedicated astronomy CCD camera to produce his amazing deep space images.

Humayun loves to share his work and information on photography techniques, equipment and more with fellow enthusiasts on online forums, and, whenever possible, in real life — preferably in the middle of the night under a clear sky!

By attending Humayun’s sessions, you will gain an understanding of the fundamentals of making astrophotographs, both wide-field nightscapes and deep space — tracked (complicated) and untracked (simplified) imaging. We will discuss theory, equipment, focusing, composition, capture, calibration, pre-processing and basic processing. During practise, you will be afforded the chance to place your camera on a portable tracking mount and make your own long exposure images of the beautiful Milky Way.

Humayun’s Astrophotography Workshop is a $200 pp optional extra on the Red-Centre Tour.
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