Our People

At Digital Dreamtime we believe that there is more to making images than hanging out with the latest rock-star photographer. We believe you need more than someone to show you how to work a camera. To make really meaningful images, you need someone to show you how to “see”.

We know that the centre of Australia is one of the most amazing landscapes and places for photography on the planet. We also know that it is a place of deep spiritual significance to the first Australians. We believe that everyone can benefit from some exposure and understanding of indigenous culture.

To get a great outcome you will want to get into the desert with people that know what they’re doing. We aren’t just big city photographers running yet another tour.

We are a group of people that are absolutely passionate about the landscapes and culture of this continent. You’ll be traveling with a proud indigenous man (and probably his family) and an experienced outback tourer and group leader. Not only can we get you to all the most amazing places, we can ensure you’ll do it safely.


Lanny Edey

Cultural Engagement Fulla
A proud Karryarra (Pilbara WA) man, Lanny’s passion lays within videography and documenting indigenous storytelling. Complimenting Stef’s skills in landscape photography, Lanny has over 20 years experience in the photographic industry and a lifetime of Aboriginal history to draw on.

His songlines connect deep within the Red Centre and Pilbara region. Lanny’s passion is to help you go beyond just images of the Australian landscape and expand your knowledge through education and storytelling. Joining a Digital Dreamtime journey ensures this deep connection to Country is both passed on and preserved for future generations.


Stef Dunn

Photography Fulla
Stef is an award winning accredited professional photographer specialising in Landscape and Travel imagery. He has a special affinity with outback Australia and with indigenous culture in particular. Stef believes photography can and should be more than just decoration – he strives to make meaningful images that connect their viewers with story and place.

On our tours – Stef is the guy that will be responsible for helping you improve your photography. He’ll be standing with you helping you to leverage the cultural experiences you have with us into better camera-craft and better images.


Renae Edey

Marketing Maverick
Renae is an experienced marketing and communications specialist who finds inspiration and awe in visual arts and indigenous culture. That passion has been born from family and the desire to pass thousands of years of proud history on to two beautiful children.

Sharing knowledge, inviting others to join the journey and celebrating Australia’s amazing connection to Country drive Renae’s enthusiasm for the Digital Dreamtime experience.

Adrianne Winzar

Organisational Sensation
Adrianne is a project manager based in Brisbane. She’s spent 25 years dealing with big pressure deadlines and customer requirements. If you’re planning on heading into the remote outback you want to be well organised and you want to make sure every possible eventuality is covered. You need someone with Adrianne’s attention to detail and dedication.

But, that’s not all. Adrianne is also the hostess with the most-est. Adrianne is dedicated to ensuring we turn up on time and that each and every one of our guests gets the absolute most out of their tour. She’ll be there to look after you at every stop.